Admiral Strelka – Fleet Commander

“…I got good people with me, people who trust each other, who do for each other and ain’t always looking for the advantage. There are good people in the ’Verse. Not many, lord knows, but you only need a few.”

It takes a particular kind of weary and battle-hardened man to stake his life on a cause and build a new group from the ashes of the old. The treatment of his people is his most important concern and the loyalty, trust and respect to the fleet. As the Admiral of the Southern Cross High Guard, he provides direction, oversight and execution of the Fleet’s mission. With the assistance of Bolta, the Deputy Fleet Commander, they ensure that the fleet is moving in a forward direction.


Vice Admiral Bolta – Deputy Fleet Commander

Bolta is the Deputy Fleet Commander or the second-in-command of the Fleet. A gruff, somewhat likable leader he serves as the aide or “executive” to the Fleet commander. As such, the Deputy Fleet Commander is the direct representative of the commander in maintaining the general efficiency of the fleet. Bolta has an unnatural love of bacon.


Rear Admiral Saberwyn – Chief of Staff

The Chief of Staff’s is third in chain of command, and has responsibilities including assisting the Fleet commander with the daily operation of the Fleet, providing a clearinghouse for all information from members of the fleet to the Admiral, and act as a mediator for disputes before they are brought to the Admiral for final ruling. The Chief of Staff is further responsible for identifying vacancies within the staff group and locating appropriately qualified personnel to fill them. The Chief of Staff is responsible for new staff officer induction, command staff counselling and resolving conflicts.


Commodore Nagrom – Commander Personnel

The staff personnel officer manages recruitment, supervises member and administration systems. They function as the essential administrative liaison between Command Staff and members, handling all personnel actions coming from the bottom up (such as a request for an award to be given to a particular member) or from the top down (such a particular member is reassigned to a new unit). The Personnel officer also deals with awards and ranks, making recommendations on who should be promoted and also includes responsibilities for disciplinary matters.


Commodore [VACANT] – Commander Intelligence

The Staff Intelligence Officer is responsible for collecting and analysing intelligence information about the enemy to determine what enemy forces are doing or might do, to prevent the accomplishment of the Fleet mission. The Staff Intelligence Officer is also the Fleet’s security officer and manages all security clearance issues for the Fleet’s personnel.


Commodore Kruglack – Commander Operations

The Operations Officer plans and coordinates operations, and all things necessary to enable the fleet to operate and accomplish its mission. All aspects of sustaining the Fleet’s operations, planning future operations, and additionally planning and executing all Fleet training, fall under the responsibility of operations. The operations office is also tasked with keeping track of the weekly training schedules.

The Operations Officer develops teams, run missions and events, assists Commanders by setting expectations of team behaviour and preparedness. This should include recommendations on gear quality and team composition.


Commodore Taipan – Commander Support

The logistics officer is responsible for managing the wide scope of materiel, transport, facilities, services and repair support for the Fleet. The logistics officer is tasked with overseeing logistic aspects and is responsible for sustaining the Fleet and ensuring that the required equipment and items are available for mission success.

The Logistics Officer handles all of the Fleet’s material and liquid assets, including real estate, ships, items, and funds. Logistics Officer organises these assets, oversee their fair distribution and use according to Fleet policies, sell off or buy assets to take advantage of economic fluctuations, and report on the results of such. The Logistics Officer must be an officer who is detail-oriented and good with numbers. Logistics Officer should be able to find new opportunities for investment and profit. (Within the game’s code of conduct, terms and conditions and end user agreement).


Commodore Dundee – Commander Communications

The Communications Officer directs all communications and is the point of contact for the issue of communications instructions and protocol during operations as well as for communications troubleshooting, issue, and preventative maintenance. Communications Officer is responsible for Maintaining Fleet’s online presence, managing the fleet’s community involvements including forums, social media (e.g. Facebook, YouTube, etc.). This may include top-level direction of the fleet’s public image, and/or working closely with Personnel and Intelligence to keep Fleets member participation and retention at acceptable levels.